Las Almas
Creation Guide

Creation Guide

Character Creation

So you’ve gotten this far – congratulations and welcome! Your first step in getting started in creating a character is straight forward and may seem simple at first. Due to the changing dynamics of the justice and criminal system, you may want to consider the following:

  • Do you want to play a criminal, a civil servant or a citizen?
    • Criminal factions are limited to the ones at the start of the sim. Due to the real life nature of criminal organizations like the Bratva and Mafia, you will very likely be playing a character of that same nationality (eg. Russian, Italian). Very rarely were there any other nationalities accepted into these organizations. However, it will be up to each individual faction lead to recruit as they see fit. As we develop our sim story, with more and more players and characters, it is very likely there will be more factions available to join.
    • Civil servants play a very large role on our sim. They serve as the protagonists/antagonists to our criminals. However, they also form a foundation, just like they do in real life. Fires get put out, cuts get stitched up, and shooters get arrested.
      • Please note: whether you are applying as a part of a government faction or a criminal faction, you must speak to the lead prior to putting in your application. They will be responsible for your onboarding and group invites. If there is no lead, please speak to an application staff.
    • Citizens are a part of every day life, and are absolutely essential to any roleplay sim. They run businesses, serve food, report news, and vote. 
    • Whatever the case, whatever role you might want to play or if you’re in search of ideas, check out our forums, where we have a delegated section for people that will post about roles, positions and vacancies in their businesses, stories, factions and families.
Another critical component to creating a character is appearance. 
  • While we do not have any strict requirements when it comes to appearance, please ensure you are at least realistic. Extremely tall or extremely short avatars should be rare. 
  • While everyone must be human in nature and appearance, adding unique features just to be unique is discouraged. Things like heterochromia and vitiligo are considered quite rare.
  • Keep your attachments to a minimum. If your scripts (tracked by a counter in the landing zone) or complexity are too high, we may ask you to remove some things to reduce lag.

Once you’ve decided all this, you’ll want to look into speaking to the lead of the entity you are applying to. This is so that you can come up with a cohesive backstory, and one that does not cause any discrepancies in our sim story or faction lore. 

Another important step in character creation is deciding your stat points for Strength, Intelligence, Observation, Perception and Charisma. While overall, these things may not be at the forefront of your roleplay, it will come into play when dice rolls are used for things such as hand-to-hand combat, picking up details in a critical scene, charming your way out of a ticket, etc. When you want to use dice and leave things up to chance, these stats are what you’ll use. That being said, these dice rolls are 100% optional, so remember, these stats are used if both/all parties agree to utilize them, and are generally used to be fair, because mistakes happen and no one executes things 100% perfectly. We encourage everyone to use these rolls as often as they can to add to realism.

Strength: this pertains to physical strength only. When you are using guns in combat, this modifier will not apply. Your strength stat will also be your HP, aka the amount of hits you can take before you are rendered unable to fight back.

Perception: If your character finds themselves in a sticky situation, you have the ability to roll against a player to pick up on small details in the world around your character, or the person they are interacting with.

  • Ex: Jac finds himself kidnapped and left in a sewer. After rolling against his captor and winning, he is able to decipher approximately where he is and how far away his captor might be.

Intrigue: These are rolls used to establish whether a character successfully lies to another character or manages to spread some type of misinformation throughout Las Almas via the rumor mill. 

  • Ex: Beatrice successfully convinces LAPD that her boyfriend forced her to deal drugs and she was unlawfully coerced into doing so. She does this by rolling a high Intrigue Roll against another player.

Stealth: These are to be used when your character desires to harm property or another person without being seen or identified. Another use for this roll is if your character has been kidnapped or held captive. You may do a stealth roll to try and escape without being noticed.

  • Ex: Doran decides to burn down Yanna’s house while she is at work. Doran rolls higher than she does and does so successfully without Yanna knowing who is the culprit. Her character returns to ashes with no explanation.

Charisma: If your character is attempting to charm the situation into their own favor, this will be used. You may roll for charisma to see whether you were able to convince the other person/people, which may overall affect your story positively or negatively (if the roll failed).

  • Ex: Alannys is pulled over for a speeding ticket by Robb. She gives her absolute best sob story, and even manages to draw a tear or two. She rolls and Robb beats her, resulting in her ticket fine being increased.

As mentioned in the application, you can only max one stat at 5. Below you will see what resulting modifier you will get with the number of points you assign to a stat. 

Please note: You will not be able to change your stats after application. So make sure you choose carefully.

After establishing your character and stats, think about what your character does for work. Do they work at an existing business? Maybe there’s a niche at Las Almas that needs to be filled, and they’d like to start their own? There is no additional application needed to work at an existing business, but you will need to put in another application if you are starting your own.

This is just a general guideline into factors to take in when creating your character. It’s not exhaustive and may be expanded on in the future.