Las Almas


This is a full list of the businesses available in Las Almas. Business leads are also listed here. If you are interested in applying as a business lead, you can find the application in the menu above. Please note that a few of the business lead positions are considered feature roles. To read more about them, please navigate to the page in question. Some businesses are owned by factions, since each faction has a base. That being said, if you are appointed a lead by one of the factions, then you will not need to submit a business application – simply just contact an application staff.

A general rule of thumb is that if there is no lead, you don’t need to touch base before your character starts working at a business. However, if there is a lead, you should speak to them prior to working there ICly.

Additionally, there are various spaces around Las Almas for your own business. Should you wish to apply for a business space, you can find it under the Application menu.

Clicking a business name will launch its SLurl. If there is no SLurl available, it means the business does not have a physical space on our sim and you should reach out to the lead.

Civil Services

Almas Sands General

  • Current lead: Hana Yoon (martina.button)

Las Almas Sheriff’s Office

  • Current lead: OPEN (Submit Business Application)

Las Almas Fire Department

  • Current lead: Interim Chief Alestair Cynwrig (Alestair Nova)


The Armadillo Suites

  • Current lead: Pacia (paciapyara)

King’s Acre Trailer Park

  • Current lead: Wade N. Schitt (Dropur Knickers)

The Lux Hotel

  • Current lead: Miriam Mitchell (Lilith Evergarden)

Food + Drink

Babba’s Cafe

  • Current leadMolly Hall (Molly4u2 Resident)


  • Current lead: Claire Karr (Lumielle Resident)

Dark Table

  • Current leadLettie Diaz (Scarlette Vemo)

Frozen Dee-Lites

  • Current lead: OPEN (Submit Business Application)

The Good Stuff Liquor Store

  • Current lead: Quinn O’Malley (Caleb Thibedeau)

Greasy Pizza

  • Current lead: Desdemona Mitchell (Demi Bluemood)

Lorenzo’s Kitchen

  • Current lead: Isabella Maraschino (virginia.ravenhurst)

Parodia Coffee

  • Current leadImogen Miller (queentao)

The Pink Flamingo Diner

  • Current leadMariella DeRosa (Marielladerosa Resident)

The Pug Internet Cafe

  • Current lead: OPEN (Submit Business Application)

Ruth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand

  • Current lead: Adriana Nahum (alyssavond)


  • Current lead: Rei Fujimoto (neji.hifeng) and Nana Fujimoto (nana.takeda)

Sticky Holes

  • Current lead: OPEN (Submit Business Application)

Unos, Dos, Taquitos

  • Current leadAntonella Castillo (unicornsareforrealyo Resident)


  • Current lead: Kira Vlasova (jenia.zhao)


Las Almas Gazette

  • Current lead: Naomi Baccarin

WSOL 99.9

  • Current lead: Naeemah (thymenoelle)


Galaxy Nightclub and Pool (floor 4 and rooftop)

  • Current leadOPEN (Submit Business Application + speak to Bratva lead)

Hex Strip Club

  • Current lead: Sally (lana.fearne)

Las Almas Chamber of Commerce

  • Current lead: Saturnino Sciarra (Izaiah Christenson)

The Leaky Roof Pub

  • Current lead: Holden Cobb (Ronan Lecker)

Opera Karaoke Bar

  • Current lead: Tatsu Yamamoto (Kazimer)
  • Current lead: Ever Black (kalila.erin)
  • Current leadVarushka Belov (Rosalie Kytori)

Red Star Casino (floors 2 and 3)

  • Current leadYeva Domitrovitch (Lyla Hexem)

Retrograde Arcade

  • Current lead: Jade Quan (luxcross resident)

Services and Retail

The Book Nook

  • Current lead: Olivia Whyte (Pushka Damour)

Campbell’s Cognitive Clinic

  • Current lead: Jack Campbell (usernameattemptno5 resident)

Cherry Bomb

  • Current leadOPEN (Submit Business Application)

Cloak and Dagger

  • Current lead: Claire Le’Roux (dollymayhem resident)

Extra Credit Union

  • Current lead: Everly Quinn (vellette)

Fallon Range Naval Special Warfare (NSW) Training Facility

  • Current lead OPEN (Submit Business Application)

Finders Keepers Modeling and Talent Agency

  • Current lead Delight (deliciouslygolden)

Five Star Pawn

  • Current lead: Kiyanna Hyun (rhaella)

Get The Funk Out!

  • Current lead: Yamarshet Ali (i3astion)

Go Go Gas and Car Repairs

  • Current lead: Karen King (Cassandra Nymphea)

HitCorp International Security

  • Current lead: Tatyana Thomas (taras.kaliopov)

House Delart

  • Current lead: Victoria Thorne (cora.moonstone)

Jaliah’s Photography

  • Current lead: Jaliah Kytori (Jaliah Kytori)

Loca Bola Grocery

  • Current leadOPEN (Submit Business Application)

Mr. Handy

  • Current leadDa’rion Boyd (Travis Sohl) 

O’Malley Pest Management

  • Current lead: Kerrigan O’Malley (shootyeah)

Paws ‘n Tails Pet Store

  • Current leadOPEN (Submit Business Application)

Paz Classic & Luxury Cars

  • Current lead: Paz de la Muerta (catriech)

Queen’s Catering

  • Current leadSkye Carson (stormingskye)


  • Current lead: Aimi Ito (mykie voxel)

Santo Nino Catholic Church

  • Current leadOPEN (Please see feature roles)

Sculpt House Fitness

  • Current lead: OPEN (Please see feature roles)

Session Hair and Nail Salon

  • Current lead : Nora Nightly (tamei.claven)

Snake Eyes Tattoo

  • Current lead: Jack Boyer (juicebox1988)

Spirit Massage

  • Current lead: Gitana Perez (gitana.wanderer)

Toys ‘n Us

  • Current lead: Haven Fox (haven4you)

Triple Crown

  • Current lead: Matteo Sciarra (caleb.harcassle)


  • Current lead: ‘Vex’ Helena Hayes (doria)