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Arson on Warehouse Street
Arson on Warehouse Street

Arson on Warehouse Street

On the evening of October 7th, just after sundown, someone set fire to a building on Warehouse Ave. Luckily no one was hurt, but unfortunately the structure and its contents could not be saved. In a conversation with the property owner Isaak Belov, it was stated that the value of dry goods lost was easily over half a million dollars.

A Sheriff’s Department investigation of the crime scene turned up evidence of accelerants used to set the blaze alight. Gasoline, as well as broken glass from what is believed to have been molotov cocktails were found. Spent 7.62 mm casings from a high energy rifle were also found near the entryway to the building.

Additionally, Mr Belov went on to say that the setback was unfortunate, but he would certainly rebuild. That it would take more than the violent tendencies of what he calls racially motivated agitators to compel him to give up his family business, or to step back from the supply chain industry.

In searching records, it was shown that Mr. Belov’s company has given seven figure sums to local businesses, and made charitable donations throughout Southern Nevada. He also owns and operates the Red Star gambling establishment, a family tradition which he has carried on into this generation.

Though Mr. Belov is a Las Almas native, violence against people perceived to be immigrants is on the rise in Las Almas. Up 8% from last year. Is this a case of simple harassment from bigoted Nevadans targeting Mr. Belov? Or is it the sign of a gang cold war that is becoming increasingly hot?

If you have any information regarding the individuals responsible, or additional details to share about the events which occurred on the evening of the 7th, reach out to local law enforcement immediately. Or call the paper on our crime tip hotline.