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Fear at the Flamingo Diner
Fear at the Flamingo Diner

Fear at the Flamingo Diner

LAS ALMAS, NV — On the 18th of this month, a man with a motorcycle helmet came into the diner and held the diner up, shouting for everyone to get on the floor. Eyewitnesses state that the man looked poor, as he got off of a beat up scooter and his accomplice came in wearing an unusual mask. Many believed that it was going to be a robbery for that detail alone. 

But they were very, very, wrong. 

Eyewitnesses state that a third man approached a Russian tourist asking if they knew one Isaak Belov. The tourist insisted he did not, but rather invited the men to sit with him and talk.

“One of the assailants mentioned something about tattoos and Russian prison, domes or some –redacted explicative–? Then he said Las Almas was not a touristy location. How dare he show no pride in our beautiful city.” said a line cook.

“The Russian man had the audacity to smoke a cigarette IN THE RESTAURANT DURING A HOLD UP. How many health violations is that? Was he trying to start a fire in the middle of a potential hostage situation?” Said another. 

Finally, the intentions of the assailants became clear. This was a racially motivated attack. “The man started speaking about killing off every Russian! Picking them off, one by one. Then he proceeded to talk about the Red Star being owned by Italians! Then he shot him and so did the other one!  I have Russian ancestors, does that mean I’m going to be attacked by masked men and shot? Are Italians going to try to own my business? What has this city come to?” 

It is safe to say that citizens of Las Almas are shaken up by this attack, and rightfully so. If you, or anyone you know has any valid information regarding this attack, please call the Sheriff’s department immediately with any tips. The assailants are still at large.