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Rolling Blackouts!
Rolling Blackouts!

Rolling Blackouts!

LAS ALMAS — As temperatures begin to soar across the state, Las Almas is not immune to its effects. The excessive and strenuous demand on the power grid has resulted in rolling blackouts, as citizens all across the city begin to increase their usage of their AC units and fans. Many people are now experiencing rolling black outs, lasting from minutes up to hours.

Mayor Adriana Nahum has released a press statement as follows:

This wave is expected to continue for the duration of this week. Some of its effect on the local environment and services in the city are inevitable, though there are ways that we can all do our part to help ourselves and others get by on a daily business. Residents are encouraged to drink plenty of water, stay indoors and find air conditioning when possible, avoid strenuous activities, wear light, loose-fitting clothing, check on family members and neighbors, and to never leave any children or pets in an unattended vehicle. Additionally, it is important to watch for signs of heat related illnesses.

With her advice comes the announcement of several cooling tents posted up around Las Almas:

Scorfield Street, in front of Shady Estates
Riverside Market, in front of The Good Stuff liquor store
Damour Circle, in front of the Las Almas Sands General Hospital

Water will also be provided in these areas. And please, call 911 if any emergencies arise.