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Dear Abigail: August 17th
Dear Abigail: August 17th

Dear Abigail: August 17th

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to the very first installment of Dear Abigail!

Now there are a few sections to this new column. The first is our main segment called Dear Abigail, where you can ask me any question, or ask for advice. And then I will just have you answer them all now won’t I? Now I do ask you all to behave and not ask anything offensive as my editors may force me to get rid of it, and that would be an absolute travesty.

The second section of my column is a gossip column. I know, I know. The grapevine here in Las Almas doesn’t need help. I guess think of this section as more of organizer for all that gossip you crave. So don’t forget to send me in all those little juice tidbits.

So you don’t have any confusion on HOW to send me your things you will just head right on over to the Gazette and fill out a form. (Scroll all the way to the bottom of any of the Dear Abigail articles) You don’t have to include your name or anything. It can be completely confidential. And it is as simple as that.

Now that my introduction is all done, its time to get to the good bits.

Q: Dear Abigail - I am pregnant. It was a complete accident but my boyfriend is being a butt head about it and wants me to get rid of it. He keeps putting all the blame on me! What do I do Abi? 
       From, Alyssa

A: Dear Alyssa, Listen to your heart. If it’s telling you to have this baby, then do it. If your partner made it clear to me that he wasn’t ready to be a dad. He may not be. Don’t do this for him, either way. Do it for yourself. Your partner will support your decision if he’s a good guy. And if he walks away, maybe you’re better off without him. If he is very insistant, well, just make sure you don’t let him push you off anything; like stairs or buildings.

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Q: Dear Abigail - How do I handle being in a relationship with a gangster? I love him a lot but I hate that he has to go out at night and do missions and I’m home sick and worried. I pray for him every night and I know it’s hard to get out once you’re in.
     From, Karen

A: Dear Karen – Well you got yourself into a bit of a pickle Karen, didn’t you? Unless he is ready to walk away right now, today, you should leave. It will not end well and in 10 years you will be looking back wondering what your younger self was thinking. Don’t waste 20 years with this bullshit. I know you probably wont listen but you can’t change him. Part of the whole gangster thing is the thrill, you become addicted to it. Do you think he is suddenly going to from gangster to upstanding citizen? He may change his ways one day but I promise you he won’t. There are only two ways this ends for him; prison or death.

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Singles Night? Taco Fest. Are there any single guys left in Las Almas?

New man in town? Old man in town? Either way, I am not sure what all the staff at Lorenzo’s is thinking. But for them all to sleep with the same man? He has got to be a hunk or something…..

Remember, if you are heartbroken to send me a message!

Has he grown a tail or ears? Has he beccome extra fuzzy now that it would appear his wife is never returning? What has happened to our celebrity Italian? Well there is a billboard outside of the police station calling him a rat. Do we need to be worried about rabies?

Our lovely Mayor seems to be dressing up or rather, very much down as she goes into the office this week. Is the extra skin on display for the New City of Sin festival, or for someone in particular?

Now I know its all sorts of saucy to send in pics of people having sex on our beach. But really guys this is something that should be reported to the police, and not to me. Though I gotta say. He had a pretty nice ass.

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