Las Almas


Out of Character (OOC) Conduct: 

  • Moderators and admins should be treated with respect at all times, even if you disagree with them. It is important to remember that these that are in positions of ‘power’ at Las Almas are spending their free time in order to do their best provide a safe and enjoyable environment for you to write in, at times even putting their own roleplay on hold to give you their attention. 
  • Players will be expected to interact with each other with kindness and maturity. Should an issue arise that deeply impacts on going roleplay or any other aspect of your experience at Las Almas, it will be up to you to find a way to solve it politely. Only when it has become abundantly clear that the issue will not be solved a moderator or admin will be involved. No matter how intense the In Character drama can become, at the end of the day, we are all writers coming together to create a damn good story. 
  • Once an admin is informed of the issue and makes a ruling on it, it is final. Going to another admin for a different answer or growing belligerent while trying to argue your point is a form of harassment and will be treated as such. We are a team, we communicate. It is safe to say that what one admin says, the rest of the team agrees with it. We do not want to waste your time or ours in an argument that will not change our opinion.
  • OOC sexism, homophobia, racism or other forms of harassment are all bannable offenses. Punishments will be issued on a case by case basis. This may result in a temporary ban after your first infraction followed by a permanent ban on your second. Jokes that are made among friends that involve such topics should be taken to IMs so that they may not be misconstrued to be more than what they are.
  • Those that are wanting to make groups for their businesses or have the ‘Las Almas’ name in their group title must be pre-approved by an admin. 
  • Please note that reaching out to players in IMs or OOCly to establish pre-existing connections is not only allowed but encouraged. Be kind and welcoming to your fellow players.

Discord Rules:

  • As you noticed, we have a Discord server. However, this is different to what you may be accustomed to with other sims.
  • There are no channels for OOC chatter. The reason for this is because a server is an extension of the sim, and is another area to moderate. To make it simpler, the Discord server is for IC means only.
  • What this means is that only things that pertain to IC matters will be posted – announcements, events and rental notices.
  • You will notice that there are role assignments – this will allow you to reach out to any fellow faction members with ease in order to establish connections. Please do not abuse this.
  • Again, DMs are not considered an extension of the sim.
  • There is only one official discord for the sim. Any other private servers created for factions, businesses, etc, are not the responsibility of Las Almas and its staff.

Conduct in Roleplay: 

  • The goal of Las Almas is to create an immersive urban experience formed from roleplay and not real-world history and current events. In our sim’s reality, the last recognizable president was Jimmy Carter. From there on, who won the presidential elections would be vague and of no real consequence to roleplay. There is no Trump vs Biden, no Q-anon, no ANTIFA, and no COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • However, local politics within Las Almas are greatly encouraged. There is plenty of opportunity for corruption and while collar crimes within the sim’s rich political lore. If you need ideas on where to start your Las Almas political career, one of our staff would be happy to help.
  • You are required to wear a Las Almas tag any time you are on the sim floor and in character. This can be your citizen tag, or your criminal, hospital, Sheriff’s, fire department tag as well. This means only approved characters that have submitted a backstory can engage in roleplay on the sim.
  • OOC Chatter should be kept to a minimum in public spaces and be placed between brackets (( )) if absolutely necessary. Sarcastic comments or attempts to sway a scene via OOC commentary in the local chat will not be tolerated. If we find evidence of such, you will be issued a warning. Any further infractions may result in a temporary followed permanent ban.
  • A post order should be established and followed. This rule excludes large group events or scenes of 5 people or more.
  • Text and calls that are sent in the middle of a scene will not have consequences for two rounds of posts. EX: Sally is getting beat up in an alley and calls 911. PC or NPC paramedics or police will not arrive until Sally’s writer has posted two more times. This same logic would apply to non-emergency PCs that are being called or texted to a scene. There must be proof of IC communication posted in local chat at the time of call or text being made.
  • 911 Call NPCs: After two rounds of public roleplay (example: bank robbery, shoot out, etc) it is realistic that someone within a city as large as Las Almas would have called the police. 
  • Posts should be coherent with minimum grammatical errors. Las Almas is an immersive, literate, para-roleplaying community. 
  • Roleplay should occur on sim only in the local chat. Any roleplay done in IMs or on discord will not be counted as legitimate or be included in the Las Almas story. This rule excludes IC texts or calls sent in IMs and situations where your characters are behind walls/doors where no one else would hear them.
  • Pre-plotting or attempts to influence future or ongoing roleplay through general chats or IMs is prohibited. If evidence of this is found, it will result in a warning. Further infractions will result with a ban.
  • Godmodding, metagaming, and powergaming are clearly against the rules and all bannable offenses. Players found guilty of this will be eligible for a permanent ban after the very first infraction, depending on the severity. If you have any questions about the definition of any of those three words, please contact a staff member prior to applying.
  • Be mindful of the content in your posts and what others can react to. A post that is full of thought emotes, insults and threats without giving the other person anything to react to is, in a way, godmodding.
  • Regardless of personal limits, there will be an expectation of death should the situation call for it. If you are attempting to kill or attack others, or engage in high-risk behavior, there is a reasonable expectation that your character’s life may be taken as well. This includes permanent injuries and avoiding such consequences is a method of godmodding. Only dish what you can take.
  • On that note, actions will always have consequences on this sim. If you are unwilling to accept any consequences, then think clearly about what you are about to do ICly. Should you refuse on an OOC level, it may result in a warning and further infractions will result in a ban.
  • Any mass attacks require admin approval. This includes large-scale bombings or attacks and anything that will affect a large population  of the sim’s characters and businesses. Damages to businesses and personal property is allowed as long as it is within reasonable limits of the story. If you cuss someone out and they key your car, it is warranted. If you flip someone off and they blow up your store, that is not warranted.
  • Hacking: Hacking into any cyber technology requires OOC permission from the owner. This alleviates any sort of chance for metagaming and godmodding, as hacking things such a cellphones, computers, and security cameras, if successful, will yield IC information that may only be provided to you by the owner. Controlling someone else’s cellphone, computer, security camera, etc, is not allowed, and is a form of metagaming/godmodding. You are, effectively, controlling someone else’s property. Should you wish to hack into someone’s cyber property, we encourage you to use rolls to bring a bit of fun to the risks involved in succeeding/failing. Please submit a ticket if a reasonable conclusion cannot be reached between the players should an issue arise.
  • Realism is key. We are all here to write a collective story – there is no winning or losing! 

Avatar Appearance: 

  • Avatars must be human, and look like an adult. Failure to comply will result in an immediate ejection. No animals, furries, or child avis. Repeated infractions of this rule will result in a permaban. 
  • Avatars should have realistic heights. No shorter than 5’7″ and no taller than 6’7″ (in SL height)


  • Alternate accounts will be allowed. Your characters should have no connections within roleplay. If they begin to grow too close within your story, you will be expected to make the appropriate changes. Failure to do so will result first in a warning, followed by bans should the behavior continue.
  • Players are not permitted to play two feature characters, lead two businesses or lead two factions.
  • If you are wanting to play a secondary character, it must be on a separate account.


  • Only approved characters can rent. If you have not submitted an application and you have been found to have a rental, you will be ejected.
  • Renting is a privilege, not a right. If you are banned from the sim for any rule infractions then you are not entitled to a refund.
  • Rentals are available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Vehicle permits are for the use of a vehicle on sim only. Anyone caught using a vehicle permit to add extra prims to their residential rental will have both privileges revoked without refund. 
  •  To keep rentals fair and open to all, only one residential rental is allowed per person. If you need extra prims please contact Pushka to see if they are available. Renting a second skybox is not a way around this.
  • Any and all decorations and furniture should not make noise, be rezzed outside of your rental, or be overly laggy. It should also fit in with the theme of the sim. You will be asked to pick up your things or have it returned without forewarning if you are found with these items.
  • If you are over your prim limit, then you will only be warned once. After that, you may have your items returned without forewarning.
  • Renters in arrear will be warned once, and given 24 hours to pay their rental box. After that, you will be evicted and your items will be returned.
  • Business and office spaces must be pre-approved before you can rent them. As required on the business application, you must be active in roleplay in order to keep your rental in good standing.
  • Sim-owned businesses are pre-decorated, and therefore, you will not be given additional prims. Player-owned businesses will be allotted a certain number of prims as the storefront/office space is empty.
  • Extra prims for your rental are available at a rate of 3L per prim. Please contact Pushka Damour for more information.
  • Vehicles: A separate vehicle license is required to rez a vehicle on sim. You can rent this privilege in addition to your home rental or without one. Vehicles must not be more than your license allowance and picked up when not in roleplay. If your vehicle is left unattended, it will be impounded. (returned to your inventory) We reserve the right to restrict scripts and lag caused by older models.