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Roleplay Etiquette

Roleplay Etiquette

Thought Posting:
We all use thoughts and emotions to frame the mindset and emotional condition of our characters. Posting thoughts can enhance a scene and make your character feel much more alive. However, there seems to be a theme on sim lately of thought posting insults. While we’re not here to dictate every scene that happens on sim, please take a moment to understand the difference between helpful thought posts and thought insults and why they can be an issue.

Example 1: Rick walked into the pub in a good mood, a smile on his face as his attention swept through the crowded bar. He hoped to find some friends there but as his gaze fell to Suzie in the corner, that smile faded.

Example 2: Rick walked into the pub and spotted that crazy bitch Suzie. He hated her and wished he had a gun to shoot her between the eyes.

In Example 1 the character feels the same but gives the person they’re posting about a way to react to it. In Example 2 there is nothing there for the other writer to respond to and can appear very OOCly motivated.

Leaving Unfished Scenes:
If you’re short on time, please keep this in mind when starting scenes that involve arguments or fights. These scenes are expected to be played out to their natural conclusion unless otherwise agreed upon. Starting a fight and then posting leaving, walking out of range, or logging off before the other person can even respond is unfair to all involved, and avoidance of ICC

Tag Reading:
Just because someone’s tag over their head says they’re in a faction does not mean that your character automatically knows this. A tag is ooc information. Find out who a character is through roleplay just like you would anything else.