Las Almas
L a s A l m a s G a z e t t e May 31, 2021

L a s A l m a s G a z e t t e May 31, 2021

Alaeni Volkova: A closer look at the 2021 Mayoral candidate.

By Ava Griffin

It was a great pleasure to meet Alaeni Volkova, the second candidate for this year’s Mayor election. Miss Volkova certainly proves to be a bit of fresh air in the world of local politics, standing out not only as a newcomer running for the highest office in this city but also for her astonishing ideas and a rather unique perspective on how politics, law and order should work in this great city. Readers are cordially invited to draw their own conclusions.

I’d like to hear more about you, your background, where you come from, what you do and why you decided to run for Mayor?

My childhood was spent with my Mother. At nine, my Mother had an incident, and I was taken in by my Uncle. He was a very good man, honest, proud. After his death, I finished school and enrolled in the police academy. The academy wasn’t the right fit for me. I was unable to compete on the same level as my peers and ultimately flunked out. With that behind me, I focused on the books, psychology, criminology. It led me here.

As for why I chose to run for Mayor: there’s a lot of repetition in politics. I decided to run because I don’t have ties: a new view, with an honest interest for the community’s voice.

Can you clarify how well you know this community (that you want to represent)?

I know that Babba’s has the best breakfast muffins in town, and that everyone is at Hex Fridays when the sun is starting to set. If you want tacos, there’s a stand over near the Shady Estates and that any other taco stand is simply pretending.

Can you tell me what policies you would implement once in office? Let’s say top 3 measures.

First: A business board, with all owners invited to sit upon it with equal voices. Second: A mentorship program with long standing individuals within the city welcoming newcomers. To kick off that measure, I, myself would be the first mentor. Third: Addressing the homelessness issue that has been seen more and more around town. There will always be those (homeless) that are too proud, or not yet ready for help.

Can you explain why you stole a police vehicle and why should people vote for someone who was clearly given slack by the DA? Some of our readers will wonder if a person of color would have faced the same treatment and I think most of us know the answer to this question.

The police were on the verge of ticketing the crowd for Ms. Nahum’s food fight. I believe a few tickets were indeed handed out. If I stole the vehicle, it was to lead the officers away from an event and merriment that area of the city so desperately needed after the discovery of O’Malley and the shooting at Only 10’s.

I guess we can say that you’re off the hook, but I can’t help wondering if the same mercy would’ve been granted to someone from far less privileged background. You don’t seem to have an answer there either. Moving on, I must say that you answer puzzles me a bit. Please correct me if I got this wrong but it looks like you broke the law yourself in order to prevent the officers of law from doing their jobs? And to provide entertainment to crowds? This is certainly a refreshing approach to not only politics but also to law and the state of affairs in this city. I wonder if that is the reason why Captain Mitchel suggested I ask this: “be sure to ask her if fucking over a longtime friend to help out her opponent was a smart move”. Any comments on that?

That’s one way to look at it. Captain Mitchel… said that? Perhaps a prime example of how I’ll hold the community over my own… friendships