Las Almas
L a s A l m a s G a z e t t e May 25, 2021

L a s A l m a s G a z e t t e May 25, 2021

Adrana Nahum: A closer look at the 2021 Mayoral candidate.

By Ava Griffin

A couple of days ago, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Adriana Nahum, one of the two candidates for this year’s elections to the highest office of the city of Las Almas. Though some of you may remember her from days when her husband, Mr Nahum, was the Mayor of this city, it was a good opportunity to get a closer look at the one woman who likely knows more about the needs of this city than anyone else. Being on the front lines during her husband’s days in the office provided her with unique learning opportunities about the ways prosperity and safety of this city can be achieved. These are subjects a great many of us feel deeply concerned about nowadays.

Here is what she had to say to some of our questions and concerns:

Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us what made you engage in politics?

My name is Adriana Nahum, and I am running as a mayoral candidate for the Las Almas 2021 local election. I am an International Law student with a minor in politics in the University of Milan. In the past, I have been a legal mediator, advisor to my husband Jason (Nahum) when he ran as mayor, and now serve as an independent defense attorney.

My family has lived and worked in Las Almas ever since it began growing as a city. Law and policy, no matter how small, has always been a part of our lives when it comes to business, finance, and our very safety in this city. It interested me to the point that I decided to study law and pursue it as a career. Then through marriage, I made my first deep step into politics. The rest is history, really, as the Gazette articles will show from the past decade.

For the record, me and Mr Nahum have mutually agreed to separate on good terms. I wish to continue the work we did, but do it better.

Why are you running for mayor?

It is not something I ever considered until I married Jason, truth be told. I had always seen things from a legal standpoint away from the limelight. The more I saw as his wife, the more I realized just how much could be done from the right platform, as the leader of a community. As a sister of a local business owner and mother of a beautiful boy, I want to do everything I can for a better future of Las Almas.

Can you tell us about your priorities and policies that you will introduce? Top three measures/priorities.

Where can I begin? I will be publishing the full list of my planned manifesto in the next few days just after this article comes out. I can give you a summary of those I consider most important… starting with what some will consider the most contentious.

There will be a thorough investigation into the claims and reports of the corruption and misconduct in the LAPD. Police officers have been witnessed committing inappropriate acts in the streets, and have shown no interest in resolving cases of serious crimes that have occurred as of late. Their practices will be deeply looked into, as well as funds that could be used to benefit the city’s other hardworking social workers in hospitals, fire stations, business, you name it to create a prosperous Las Almas. If the taxpayer’s money is not used effectively by those who are meant to protect us, what is the point?

On a lighter note, I plan on establishing a local business board with Las Almas business owners and startups. It will consist of four individuals, rotated regularly to discuss financial incentives for boosting businesses and the local economy, taxes and any issues with their own establishments.

Next, a greener Las Almas. I hope to begin talks on a solar farm for clean energy, a zero-waste recycling scheme and new innovative ideas on how we can better use our resources as a city. Jobs will be provided, as well as a platform for voices passionate about reducing our impact on the environment.

Why should people vote for you? What makes you stand out as a candidate?

I have seen the job, I have seen its difficulties, and the many obstacles that can stand in one’s way when they want to make a change. And I know I can still do it. I may no longer be with my partner from back then, but I am still married to making Las Almas the best place it can -and has always- been.