Las Almas
Feature Roles

Feature Roles

Here at Las Almas, we are offering feature roles. These characters are meant to have some degree of notoriety on the sim, play a part in the sim story, and are expected to push conflict. Those that can be active on sim for 8-10 hours a week are encouraged to apply for one of these roles. As we progress into our sim story and we gain more interest, we will be updating this page so check back regularly!

If you would like to apply for one of these roles, please message an application admin AND your faction lead (if applicable) who can provide you with more information and instruction. Feature role applications can take a bit longer to process, so please be patient!

Criminal Feature Roles

  • Isaak Belov (30 years old) Pakhan of the Russian Bratva and head of Belov Realty (Tristan Xaris)
    • Isaak came into power unexpectedly after an arms deal gone wrong. The death of his father was a shock, and caused a ripple in the criminal underworld. Determined to continue his father and family’s legacy, Isaak will do whatever it takes, even if it means being cold, cruel, and calculated.
  • Alexey Stepanov – The Bodyguard Alexey was most recently working for the Belov family in Russia, however after the passing of Boris, one of the long time bodyguards to Isaak and the Bratva in Almas, he was summoned state-side to fill in the reins of the departed former guard. (OPEN)
  • Yuri Melnikov – The Enforcer (30 years or older) Ruthless and not afraid to take a step into the darkness to get a point across Yuri is an intimidating man, not having any issues with doing what needs to be done at the word of his Pahkan. Yuri has spent all of his life in Almas, working priorly for Isaak’s father, then for Isaak himself. (OPEN)
  • Giovanni Abruzzo (25-35) Heavy-hitting henchman for the Sciarra Crime Family (OPEN)
    • Giovanni’s father, “Johnny Bruises” Sr, was a lifelong soldier of the De Grazio crime family (now known as the Sciarra crime family.) With much rage, and little personal direction, Giovanni seeks to become a made man and avenge his father’s death at the hands of the Las Almas Sheriff’s Office.
  • Fortunato Severino (45-50) Loyal confidant and skilled capo in the family (kazimer resident)
    • Life-long friend and associate of Saturnino Sciarra. Fortunato, instead of attending university like Saturnino, went into the United States armed forces. Since then, they’ve worked fiercely to build the empire—while Saturnino was in prison, Fortunato even held the reigns for a few short years (with a little help.)
  • Philip Caruso (35-45) Dedicated money-maker with his eyes on earning his stripes (OPEN)
    • Originally, Philip wanted to be the next Frank Sinatra, but that didn’t work out too well. Philip tied in with the family just a few years ago when the protection racket against him turned immense profits for both he and his “protectors.” In a few short years, the mafia insulated a lead in exotic and luxury cars and motor parts trading. Philip is the pipeline between a fleet of petty criminals and the less-than-couth collars who will pay a lot of money for his ill-gotten gains.
  • Colin Donaghey (45-55 years old) A very loyal member of the O’Malley pack (Rodricus Mortensen)
    • A long serving henchman for Patrick O’Malley. Used to run the ‘training grounds’ for young Irish lads. He is the man responsible for training Kerrigan on bomb making and everything she knows about weaponry in general. A trusted friend and confidant of the O’Malley’s.
  • Andy Donaghey (26 years old) Colin’s son; another loyal member of the group (Thommy Connolly)
    • Raised along side the O’Malley kids while they were in Ireland. Close friends with Kerrigan O’Malley, they would have been trained together at Colin’s training grounds while they were young. The current smuggler of guns for the Las Almas clan, which means he travels quite a bit.
  • Luis Sancho (39-42 years old) Head of the Mexican Cartel (SantoOnizuka Resident)
    • The three Sancho children have been leading the Cartel since their father’s death in 2012. Their takeover was not smooth nor has it been a breeze since then, but they have done exactly (so far) what their father directed them to in his will – to never put each other above profits and to not allow themselves to be stepped all over. But as they grow older and continue to butt heads, and seemingly grow complacent and compliant to the Russian Bratva’s chokehold on them, others are curious as to whether they truly have granted their father’s wish from beyond the grave. 
    • Luis, the eldest, is seemingly the most level headed. Frequently described as good-spirited yet scariest when he is stoic, he often has to reel in his two younger siblings.
    • Rafael returned to Mexico to take care of affairs while Rebeca was arrested and is being held on unknown charges – it is difficult to tell what is being done about her release or whether there is any hope at all.
  • Eduardo López (45-55 years old) Former Right hand for Manuel Sancho (OPEN)
    • For a lifetime service to the Sancho’s and the Los Reyes Cartel, Eduardo has been venerated into the prestigious position of Cartel Camelo (As the average life span of a Camel is roughly between 40-60 years). Having witnessed the Sancho siblings upbringing, Eduardo is a trusted figure and advisor in the Sancho family, and while mostly retired from street activity, his wisdom and influence can still be felt in the ranks of the Diablos as an icon of true service to the Mexicans.
  • Manuel Rodriguez (20-30 years old) The illegitimate child of the Sancho family (OPEN)
    • Manuel has taken on his fathers name for himself. While he could never hope to attain the rights to be respected as blood kin to the Sancho siblings, he seeks to outdo them in every way as a Sicario (Enforcer) on the streets, earning his respect as a true soldado of the Cartel. Bearing the mark of stigma, he never felt he fitted in with the rest of his siblings, and instead took to earn his respect among the ranks of the street crew. Known as both a ruthless warrior and a womanizer, he continues to strive for fame in both those aspects.

Citizen Roles

  • Theo Thomas (55 years old) tough and thick skinned District Attorney (Vanquish Vyper)
    • A Las Almas native, Theo Thomas grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Involved in petty crime and arrested before he even graduated high school, it looked as if he wouldn’t amount to anything. But following the murder of his father and elder brother in a home invasion gone wrong, Theo became determined to change things in Las Almas. He graduated High School, college and law school with the intent on punishing criminals. He quickly got a job at the DA’s office and rose to prominence for his part in prosecuting outlaw bikers. Tough on crime and conservative, District Attorney Thomas runs a tight ship and prides himself on his office’s conviction rate.

Key Business Lead Feature Roles

  •  Ava Griffin (28+ years old) Las Almas Gazette Editor-in-Chief (Aeon Timeless)
    • Some say that those in the most danger are the ones engaged in crime themselves. But what if they’re trying to expose it? The Gazette’s Editor-in-Chief is known to stop at nothing to get the biggest headlines and hottest news, effectively painting a huge target on their back in the process.