Las Almas


The criminal underworld runs amok in Las Almas, and even antagonists have antagonists. Here are the main factions of Las Almas, along with how they found their beginnings in the city, and the current leads. We are not limited to these factions, as we have established these at the beginning of the sim story. We can and will expand, based on interest, as you can start your own faction.

Before applying and beginning your backstory, please reach out to the faction lead to establish your intent to join or speak about pre-established connections.

Currently speaking, the Russian Bratva are considered the criminal overlords of the Las Almas area – all other factions fall underneath their umbrella. Take your time to read the lore of each faction and familiarize yourself. While each faction has a specialty in what crimes they deal with, it would not be uncommon for a faction to expand their dealings. Where things become a problem and can give way to tensions (which is completely, ICly welcomed!) is when territories begin to blur and overlap.

When joining a faction and creating your character, please keep in mind that criminal organizations are heavily based on nationality or familial origins. This is a real life reflection of what factions are like. However,  the leads listed are in charge of the hierarchy of their own faction, and can remove or add members at their own will, based on their own criteria.

Should you wish to start your own faction, please contact an application staff member.

The Russian Bratva

The Belov family has been part of Vegas’ criminal landscape since the early 70s with the arrival of Stas Belov from the Motherland. With deep ties to the Bravta and his life savings, Stas formed Belov holdings and bought up large amounts of property throughout what would soon become Las Almas. Although his company prospered through shady dealings and legal venues, it wasn’t until the push to rid Vegas of its Italian influence in the 80s that the Bratva truly rose to power.

The absence of the mob left behind a power vacuum that was easily filled by the Russians. With a stranglehold on valuable property and its developments, it wasn’t long before they gained the casino and saw their power across Las Almas solidified beneath Vitaliy Belov. His influence turned the real estate tycoon family into the criminal overlords of the city. 

Recent events have resulted in a ripple of change throughout the criminal world of Las Almas. A deal gone wrong between Vitaliy and a supplier ended in a gunfight. Bullets flew and by the time the smoke cleared, Vitaliy was long gone due to a bullet that clipped his aorta. And just like that, overnight, Isaak became the Pakhan, taking the helm and overseeing his family’s holdings alongside his sister as well as the vast criminal empire that his father had expanded. 

In 2021, Belov Holdings is the public face of the family’s wealth. However they’re involved in drug and arms trafficking, loan sharking, extortion, a protection racket (among those who lease their properties), skimming (from businesses leasing their properties), and money laundering (through clubs and casino). The Bravta controls the mass import/export of illegal goods. If you’re bringing something into the city in big quantities, you’re going through the Russians. There are associated fees and ‘taxes’ for those that are importing goods in, even more so if you’re storing goods in the warehouses owned by the Bratva. Piss them off, you won’t get your goods – and they’ll never let you forget it.

Current Lead: Isaak Belov (Tristan Xaris)

Main criminal activity: money laundering, import and export of illegal goods.

Base: Red Star Casino

The Italian Mafia

It started with a little gambling parlor in Reno. The Las Almas mafia’s golden age begins in the 1940s and lasts arguably through the late 1980s. Originally the De Grazio Crime Family, for the seven generations of dons, the last two were father and son of the powerful Sciarra family– who have held the reigns since 1977. While they would be synonymous with historic Las Almas casinos and hotels like the Doge’s Palace and the Sphinxor, the mafia have been chased from the infamous strip by the iron fist of Governor Rhule. While his son Saturnino sat in jail for mail fraud, a senile Amato Sciarra’s final operations were sold to combative corporations with blank checkbooks. In this dark age for the Italian mob, they also lost tremendous ground to the blossoming Russian bratva.

Since Amato’s death in 2003, Saturnino has reinvested the remaining wealth of the mafia into reinvigorating their assets. To help buy time, Saturnino established “you scratch mine, I’ll scratch yours” diplomacy with the bratva. Within a decade, the family owned a string of businesses that span the county. Hex Lounge’s renovations led to a spike in property value in Southeast Las Almas and the neon-soaked street has since earned the affectionate nickname ‘Little Vegas.’ The mafia allegedly operates from the VIP lounge at Hex– above its laser-lit stages.

Now, the mafia again have their hands in almost everything.

Current Lead: Saturnino Sciarra (Izaiah Christansen)

Main criminal activity: luxury vehicles, black market goods, muscle for hire, extortion, loan sharking, racketeering

Base: Hex Strip Club

All members of the mafia begin uninitiated, as associates. Most remain for life unless they possess a potent combination of excessive earning and ferocious loyalty. Once having completed their initiation ritual and taking the oath, the associate becomes a made man. A soldier, or soldato, serves as muscle for the family. A soldier’s major responsibility is kicking up a portion of his profits to his capo. Caporegime (“capo”) manage a crew of soldiers and sends their earnings up to the boss. Breaking the rules and one’s oath makes your character eligible for permanent death.

The Irish Mob

Patrick O’Malley and his crew had established themselves in Las Almas before the 70s. Their growth had slowed down by the 80s, with stricter import laws put into place, meaning they had to get creative and find other means to get their goods into Las Almas, one of which included disassembled semi-automatic weapons hidden in children’s toys. Their success reignited when the Bratva came into power, controlling the ports and what came in and out of the city.

While their roots stem further back than the Russians and Italians, their sights have always been set on guns, firearms and explosives. It’s their expertise and they don’t have a penchant for stepping out of the box. They fall very much within the status quo, falling under the umbrella of the Bratva and acting accordingly. O’Malley had supplied the Las Almas area with illegal firearms from the IRA for more than 50 years now, working closely with the Russians to ensure a continuous flow of goods into the area. Whatever nefarious use their clientele have for their goods, they don’t care, so long as the money keeps coming in. Their territory and dealings are fairly well known to be at the Irish pub.

Only recently has there been a shift in leadership and tensions, as Patrick unexpectedly left the Las Almas division to return to Boston in order to oversee more pressing matters, leaving his eldest son, Liam O’Malley, to step into a pair of very large shoes to fill. He had been underwhelming most of his life, this much is true, compared to his father. Patrick was bold and decisive when needed, and unexpectedly more level headed than many of his criminal counterparts. Desperate to prove that he was well deserving of his leadership position, Liam pulled a few bold moves himself, resulting in the Russians increasing their taxes and fees as punishment. Liam had a bone to pick with those responsible.

After a month or so of abrasive, brash and bold behavior, tensions increased with the other crews. It is nobody’s surprise that Liam has now shown up dead and his fiancée has gone missing, leaving people wondering what exactly has lead to their demise, though might suspect that his recent behavior is to blame. It’s now Liam’s sister, Kerrigan, that has taken over the Las Almas chapter of the Mob, determined to do what her brother could not.

Current Lead: Kerrigan O’Malley (shootyeah resident)

Main criminal activities: illegal firearms, explosives

Base: The Leaky Roof Pub

The Mexican Cartel

The Latinos of Las Almas have always been safe, and have always found a niche. Drugs, after all, never go out of style, and there is always a need amongst the throngs of tourists that flock to the city as well as the residents. They rose to prominence in the late 70s, as drug culture sprung to life with the growing popularity of disco culture. Marijuana, meth, coke, LSD, heroin and ecstasy were amongst some of the drugs that flooded the streets thanks to this street gang and their goods directly from their Cartel plugs.

They were mostly independent until the 80s when the Bratva began to buy up Las Almas real estate and assumed control of the ports, thus controlling everything that came in and out of the city. Instead of fighting the good fight, the Latinos decided the best course of action with the least amount of casualties would be to fall underneath their umbrella. The Bratva oversees what comes in and out of the city, giving them more control than the Sanchos would like.

The Sancho family has remained largely in charge of this street crew, stemming from Manuel until 2012. His children took control after his death, and while the three of them have it together most of the time, they do frequently butt heads, and it’s never pretty. They’re hot blooded, stubborn and vengeful, and the language that all three understand is money. They’ve never agreed with falling under the heel of the Russian Bratva, though without them, their profits could run dry. So for now, they are compliant, and complacent, but for how long?

Current Lead(s)

  • Luis Sancho (SantoOnizuka Resident)
  • Alix Isabella Castillo (Saga Sorrowsong)

Main criminal activities: drugs, prostitution, human trafficking

Base: Massage parlor, Taco shop

The Mongrels MC

Mongrels MC is a biker gang founded in spring 2021 in Las Almas. Disillusioned with life under the thumb of the rich and powerful in the city, they’re a gang of outlaws, misfits, and put-upon assholes who aren’t content to sit back and let the wealthy make Las Almas their own personal playground.

In 2019, a federal agent by the name of TJ Gutierrez infiltrated and brought down the Vagos MC in Las Almas. Since that day, the city has been lacking the roar of motorcycle engines in its streets. It was mostly coincedence that would see the roars return. On the run after troubles with the law in the southeastern US, a biker named Reno (formerly of the New Drifters MC) would ride into town to lay low for a while and let the heat die down. While crashing on the couch of a fellow biker, Coyote (formerly of Banshees MC), the two of them would share their common grievances and decide that what the city was really missing were some smashed windows and knocked over cash registers, the sort of trouble that only a real throwback motorcycle club could do.

So that’s what they set out to build. They put out feelers to nomads and independent bikers all across the area. They reached out to old friends, and they started putting together an honest to God family.

Born free, live free, die free. Except when they’re in jail.

Current Lead: Reno (

Main criminal activities: Auto theft, petty theft, robbery, car-jacking, trafficking stolen goods, smuggling, street-level drug dealing, insurance fraud, intimidation, arson, assault, murder, contract-killing, kidnapping

Base: The old warehouse