Las Almas


Combat Rules

Writers at Las Almas will have a choice between using Free-Form combat play or using a simple dice system. We expect players to roleplay realistically no matter which form of combat roleplay you chose to engage in. Remember we are all writing real humans here. Very few people in the real world would be able to take more than a handful of punches before being unable to fight. Keep it fun, but keep it real.

Both players involved in combat must agree to use the dice system rather than Free-Form. Not all rolls must be used, but both parties must agree on which optional rolls are used. If an agreement cannot be reached, the scene will Fade-To-Black or be voided entirely.

NPC Combat Rules

Each Crime Faction Lead is allowed the use of up to 2 NPC henchmen. The NPC’s presence must be established within your first post into a scene. You may not call in NPC backup. They are there from the start, or they’re not there at all.
NPCs are only allowable when you are not present with other player-controlled allies.


You arrive at a scene with 2 of your played gang members. You may not have any extra NPCs present.
You arrive at a scene with only 1 played gang member. You may post that you have 1 other NPC present.

The use of NPCs is intended to only be as flavor and realism in your roleplay. NPCs may only fight other NPCs and used for intimidation factors. However, they are not to fight another player character or be used as a substitute to avoid ICC.

Police NPCs: Police with radios may call in 2 NPCs as backup if there is no other played police on sim to take the call. Calling in backup will follow the same rules as text messages or other phone calls in post rounds.

911 Call NPCs: After two rounds of public roleplay (example: bank robbery, shoot out, etc) it is realistic that someone within a city as large as Las Almas would have called the police.

Security NPCs: If there are no other faction members/employees around NPCs may be used for security. There is a limit of two for small businesses. Larger businesses such as the Casino and Hex are allowed more but must make sense. No business is going to have 20 armed guards on duty at a time. All NPCs must be part of your business and posted as being there or with npc prims such as the bouncer at Leaky Pub and Warehouse.

Combat with Dice

If you are using dice for any combat that is not hand-to-hand (guns), then we suggest using a simple ‘higher roll wins’ system.


Player A draws his gun. Player B sees the gun drawn. Player A rolls to shoot and rolls a 10. Player B rolls to dodge and rolls an 8. Player A successfully shoots Player B. If Player B has a gun and wants to attack, then you will use the same system

Strength modifiers do not count towards gun rolls.

If you are using dice for active or hand-to-hand combat (a fist fight, knife fight, etc), then your strength modifier does count towards your rolls. You will use the same system, where the higher roll wins.

In the event of a tie (after modifier), then the win goes to the defender.

Your strength points also dictates your amount of HP.

In the event of a large scale combat event, then a moderator will be required.


In event that you will be using dice, it will be the same system – higher roll wins. Use your logic and your judgement. Any D20 dice will work for this, but we recommend this set because it’s free and easy to set up.