Las Almas


This is a full list of the businesses available in Las Almas. Business leads are also listed here. If you are interested in applying as a business lead, you can find the application in the menu above. Please note that a few of the business lead positions are considered feature roles. To read more about them, please navigate to the page in question. Some businesses are owned by factions, since each faction has a base. That being said, if you are appointed a lead by one of the factions, then you will not need to submit a business application – simply just contact an application staff.

A general rule of thumb is that if there is no lead, you don’t need to touch base before your character starts working at a business. However, if there is a lead, you should speak to them prior to working there ICly.

Additionally, there are various spaces around Las Almas for your own business. Should you wish to apply for a business space, you can find it under the Application menu.

Civil Services

Almas Sands General

  • Current leadElizabeth Drozdov (Boohooligan Resident)

Las Almas Sheriff’s Office

  • Current lead: Captain Cameron Mitchell (Catori Mitra)

Las Almas Fire Department

  • Current lead: Chief Angel Cruz (Miguel Rayada)

Food + Drink

Babba’s Cafe

  • Current leadTiana LaBeau (Elysium Nova)


  • Current lead: Kuro Sama (Tensazangetsusama Resident)

Frozen Dee-lites

  • Current leadMolly Hall (Molly442 Resident)

Greasy Pizza

  • Current lead: Desdemona Mitchell (Demi Bluemood)

Lorenzo’s Kitchen

  • Current lead: Saturnino Sciarra (Izaiah Christenson)

MHT Seafood

  • Current lead: Miller Time (cowboyjas)

Parodia Coffee

  • Current lead: Munisch Domitrovitch (Shane Mystiere)

Ruth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand

  • Current lead: Adriana Nahum (alyssavond)


  • Current leadSaito Muramasa (Malic Tennen)

Sticky Holes

  • Current lead: OPEN

Unos, Dos, Taquitos

  • Current leadAlix Isabella Castillo (Saga Sorrowsong)


Las Almas Gazette

  • Current leadAva Griffin (Aeon Timeless)

WSOL 99.9

  • Current leadKurt Müller (Beiusen Resident) and Rillion Dane (Veritan Resident)


Galaxy Nightclub and Pool (floor 4 and rooftop)

  • Current lead: Maks Pevensey

Hex Strip Club

  • Current lead: Saturnino Sciarra (Izaiah Christenson)

The Leaky Roof Pub

  • Current lead: Neavia Winther (NeaviaCrystal)

Red Star Casino (floors 2 and 3)

  • Current leadYeva Domitrovitch (Lyla Hexem)

Retrograde Arcade

  • Current leadErik Scorpio (Vincent Ulriq)

Services and Retail

Belov Realty
  • Current lead: Isaak Belov (Tristan Xaris)

Cherry Bomb

  • Current leadTya Renee (Lavendar408 Resident)

Extra Credit Union

  • Current leadMichael DaFoe (Imgrooot Resident)

Five Star Pawn

  • Current leadEliza Sienna Gomez (Coralie Juliesse)

Go Go Gas and Car Repairs

  • Current leadBoomer Maldonado (Boomerb)

House Delart

  • Current leadOPEN

Jaliah’s Photography

  • Current lead: Jaliah Kytori (Jaliah Kytori)

JoRo Marketing Firm

  • Current lead: Jordan Nguyen (poikaer)

Ladrona Group Consulting Firm

  • Current lead: Noelani Balmaseda (Niqolette Vendetta)

Mr. Handy

  • Current leadDa’rion Boyd (Travis Sohl)

Paint and Sip

  • Current lead: Joji Bluebird (JojiBluebird Hijinks)


  • Current lead: Sylvana Vulpe (Sylvana Darkheart)

Sculpt House Fitness

  • Current leadBruno Caffarelli (Bruno Caffarelli)

Session Hair and Nail Salon

  • Current lead : Colin Biggersworth (1Jonathan1 Resident)

Snake Eyes Tattoo

  • Current leadSloan Eldritch (SloanEldritch Resident)

Soap Opera Laundry

  • Current leadOPEN

Soil Mates

  • Current leadRoisin Heartsong

Spirit Massage

  • Current lead: OPEN – Must speak to Cartel lead(s)

The Book Nook and Cafè

  • Current lead: Kaya Collins

Toys ‘n Us

  • Current leadRebéca Sancho (Rexie Paragorn) and Haven Fox (haven4you Resident)


  • Current leadPeyton Hayes (Zoilah Resident)
Twisted Sisters’ Witchy Wonders
  •  Current lead: Liana Luciana (BelleMorte1313 Resident) and Liv Luciana (Majbrittsif Resident)